On the Go: Mobile Learning Solutions for IT Teams

Companies are becoming increasingly distributed with the rise of hybrid work environments. As we prepare students to for future careers, they need to have skills to adapt to work trends. This includes being comfortable working with tech in a variety of environments. Additionally, the continued disruption of COVID in the classroom requires flexibility. Portable tech allows education to continue whether its in the traditional classroom, a socially distant workspace or at home.

Power and connectivity are two of the most straight forward elements of portability, but yet they are frequent cause of frustration. Older school buildings are not designed for today’s charging needs and outlets may be limited. Likewise, retrofitted spaces may have gaps in wireless connectivity due to building design. Fast device charging stations are one way to overcome limitations. Likewise, there are a number of ways to boost signals in older buildings. Additionally, as 5G becomes more ubiquitous students and teachers will benefit from its lower latency and higher bandwidth capabilities.

I share my insights on mobile learning in K-12 settings in this recent article for EdTech Magazine.



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