Outrageous Goal Setting

Carmen Fontana
2 min readMar 24, 2023

As a cancer survivor, it was extra special to join the women’s resource group at GenomOncology this week to talk about outrageous goal setting. GenomOncology creates data solutions that aid in precision oncology, transformative therapies that are making cancer treatments less punishing and more effective.

Entitled “Bone Cancer to Boston Marathon,” I started the talk by sharing my out-of-the-blue bone cancer diagnosis at age 30. For a young mom, and a lifelong runner, finding out that my left leg was riddled with cancer was shocking and overwhelming. I needed a coping mechanism.

For me, coping/escapism meant dreaming of the things I hoped to one day do again. One of those things was running the Boston Marathon.

At the time, I was not even allowed to walk across the living room. So to dream of running those storied 26.2 miles was quite outrageous.

Day by day, step by step, however, this outrageous goal kept me going through chemo, radiation, anaphylaxis (long story…), and beyond.

Eventually, I did toe the line in Hopkinton and found my way to Boylston Street and the Boston Marathon finish line.

While certainly sweet, the outrageous goal of going from Bone Cancer to Boston Marathon, was never about the outcome. As I wrote in my blog at the time:

“In the end, it never was about cancer. And it was never about running.

Instead, it was about taking on the scary, the unknown, the seemingly impossible. Battling or enduring, as the situation warranted. And coming out on the other side, doing more and being more than you ever thought possible.”

Pursuing outrageous goals, be it in our personal or professional lives, challenges us to do more and be more.

Thank you GenomOncology for having me visit and especially for the important work you do!